Is Your Selling Approach Hurting Your Sales Deals?

It’s no secret that before the internet, selling was a much different process than it is now. However, it might surprise you that 7 out of the 8 leading sales training programs used today were designed prior to the internet, personal computers, and cell phones. What’s this mean? Thousands of companies spend too much money every year on outdated sales training programs that teach salespeople to sell in a way that is directly opposite to how decisions are made.

How are Sales Decisions Made, Then?

First, you have to realize one key thing; you aren’t selling to a person. You’re selling to a brain. While a brain is a complex organ, in truth, it only does two things when presented with information: moves toward or away from stimuli. Presenting information in a way that shows your prospect that they have a problem or pain that needs to be solved helps creative an emotional trigger that will be used to drive their buying decision.

Aligning Your Messaging

Furthermore, ensuring your messaging is the same across the board is essential. Creating this aligned messaging will help you sell, recruit, and communicate your company’s unique value. Your company’s story should be able to be told quickly, simply, and concisely and should be present on your website.