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Is Your Selling Approach Hurting Your Sales Deals?

It’s no secret that before the internet, selling was a much different process than it is now. However, it might surprise you that 7 out of the 8 leading sales training programs used today were designed prior to the internet, personal computers, and cell phones. What’s this mean? Thousands of companies spend too much money […]

Dictionary of Scary New Sales Terms: What They Mean for You (3/3)

So far you’ve learned about how commoditization is threatening your sales and how this can often lead to indecision or reprioritization. You’ve learned that to combat both, you’ll need to align your messaging and salespeople to convey your unique value and to communicate how you’ll solve your prospect’s pains. Consensus Decision Making The February 1, […]

Dictionary of Scary New Sales Terms: What They Mean for You (2/3)

If you followed our last segment on emerging sales terms, you learned how important commoditization is and why it is imperative for your brand to stand out as a solution to your prospect’s pains. Today, we’re going to look at what happens when you don’t market yourself as a solution, and show why the internet […]

Dictionary of Scary New Sales Terms: What They Mean for You (1/3)

As technology continues to advance, new sales terms and definitions begin to emerge, impacting the way you do business. We’ll be covering three separate segments of three new, threatening sales terms, how they’re killing or slowing your deals, and what you can do about them. Check out our first sales term below: Commoditization Blame the […]

Why You’re Wasting up to 70% of Your Sales Training Dollars

Sales training before the Internet was a completely different game. Think about the way you shop now. You’d never just buy a cell phone without scoping out your options.. You research it on the internet, read reviews, and compare similar products. Before you decide to buy the product in a store, 70% of the sales […]

Do You Ever Wonder Why it Takes So Long to Close Deals?

The beginning stages of a sales deal has evolved rapidly since the Internet began taking over much of our business and e-commerce. And while the world is moving faster and faster, what’s ironic is that deals are taking longer to close than ever before, and many get lost along the way to indecision. As we […]