Why You’re Wasting up to 70% of Your Sales Training Dollars

Sales training before the Internet was a completely different game. Think about the way you shop now. You’d never just buy a cell phone without scoping out your options.. You research it on the internet, read reviews, and compare similar products. Before you decide to buy the product in a store, 70% of the sales process is completed online. The same is now true with sales deals.

Sales techniques used to be focused on one-to-one relationships and manipulation so that the prospect wouldn’t look around and the sales rep could close with them personally. The vast majority of sales training programs still incorporate this pre-Internet way of thinking, which you might believe can be helpful. It worked in the past, so why wouldn’t it work now?

How the Internet Threw a Wrench in Traditional Sales Training Programs

Prior to the Internet, a salesperson could pitch to one person at a company, convince them to buy their product or service, and walk away with a quick, easy sale. The Internet, however, makes connecting easier than ever, which means buyers are exposed to your company and competitors almost instantaneously. Now, up to 70% of the sales journey is complete before a human ever even enters the picture.  In the past, logistics, location and timing kept your competition out of the picture.  Now, one quick search has opened your prospect’s eyes to each and every one of your competitors!

Then, when your sales team enters the picture, you’re finding it takes more effort, energy, and time to close deals, and many deals seem to just disappear. That’s because what’s been recently posted about 7 out of the 8 leading sales training programs for complex sales – actually don’t work in a modern world.  87% of what an expert deemed as the best sales training programs were developed before we used personal computers, cell phones, and the Internet. All three tools guiding your prospect through the first 70% of the sales process.

Your sales training is outdated and not able to adapt to this new, fast-paced, interactive environment.

Now Your Website is Your Lead Salesperson

You need your sales team, but you also need a strong online presence to sell your message during the 70% of the time buyers spend researching solutions online. Your website has to stand out as not only an eye-catching site, but as a web presence offering a cohesive message and compelling reasons why buyers need your service. The first step to any sales deal now depends on your website and web presence. Your website is now your lead salesperson.